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San Francisco Sublease Market Update

Just a quick San Francisco sublease inventory update: There are currently 155 sublease spaces totaling 2,096,158 square feet of available space down from 2,279,426 square feet as of July 25, 2016.  The decrease can be attributed to a combination of strong demand for quality sublease space, recapture, and the pulling of space off the market. […]

1938 San Francisco High Resolution Aerial Pictures/ Seals Stadium!

This is an amazing find.  A colleague sent me THIS LINK today, which will take you to an beautiful array of aerial pictures of San Francisco, taken from a blimp in 1938.  The site gives authorship credit to Harrison Ryker and the photos are from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. A few interesting things […]

Join Me For My Quarterly Networking Event July 26th in San Francisco!

2016 is here, and turns out that somehow we are also already half way through it!  To celebrate our time-traveling skills, I am putting on another quarterly networking event this July 26th, same place as always here in San Francisco.  And yes, I know I say that I will do this every quarter, but I […]

Q4 2015 San Francisco Stats Released

Good afternoon! Every quarter I bring you the latest San Francisco office statistics, and every quarter I praise the super smart and incredible people in our research department who do the heavy lifting to make sure the information is perfectly accurate.  This quarter is no different, please read on to educate yourselves on the latest […]

The very cool Central SOMA Plan in Video

Check out this very cool video that JLL produced relative to the Central SOMA Master Plan.  As a real estate agent representing technology companies in San Francisco, I am in and out of these properties constantly with clients, and I certainly appreciate that there is some thought being put into the bigger picture.  More detail […]

“Stop Selling and Start Helping”

I was fortunate to be interviewed and quoted in a HuffPost Business piece on “Social Selling”.  I am a big believer in building trust over time, and I actually do not care for the word “Selling” at all, at least not in this industry.  I consider myself a consultant, an external expert on real estate […]

Hunting Talent Event this Thursday: Evangelize, don’t leave!

We have a few seats left for an event that I think will be different and awesome.  It is focused on how technology companies are hunting for great talent, and working very hard to create environments at the office that are rich with culture, to make sure the very best employees evangelize, instead of leave.  […]

JLL Releases Q1 Stats: Spoiler- San Francisco is Expensive

Once again the amazing research people at JLL have produced our quarterly office market statistics within 24 hours of the quarter actually ending. I am lucky to work with people much smarter than I am here at JLL, and we can all benefit from their collective intelligence and hard work by pouring over the stats […]

Drones over San Francisco + Mission Bay Fire

The Chronicle today posted a story showcasing drone videos based in San Francisco.  That article can be found HERE.  I tend to need a total sense of direction when properly analyzing locations for my clients, and while Google Earth is incredible and helpful, real video is even better.  Whenever I get a chance to get […]