Top 5 San Francisco Tech Events You Should Be Attending

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I represent quite a few technology companies in San Francisco.  Some are big, some are small, but all of them connect & network with each other at a variety of events held South of Market.  This list is not intended to be an end all, it is simply a list of 5 events that I try to attend on a very regular basis.  I live in Marin, I have three very young kids, so it is vital that when I do attend an evening event, I truly either benefit myself, or add value to a client.


RocketSpace SuperSonic Speaker Series (S4): Many events are held at RocketSpace, this event series is produced by RocketSpace.  The S4 Series features some of the most well known and most successful VCs discussing subjects they find to be key for startups to pay attention to.  I recently attended a speech by Mike Maples which was awesome.  The next event will be held February 23rd, at RocketSpace (181 Fremont Street), and it will feature Tim Chang, Managing Director at Mayfield Fund.  More information + registration here.  This is a monthly series, so expect to see Rob Hayes from 1st Round Capital in March, and Vinod Khosla from Kholsa Venture in April.  Pretty compelling lineup.

IGNITE!: The kickoff event for IGNITE! is Tuesday, March 13th.  Here is how it works:  Ten companies are chosen each month to participate in IGNITE!.  Presenting companies will each have a demo table to have the opportunity to meet and network with angles, VCs and guests during the first hour.  Attendees will then vote for their favorite company, and the top four will get to present to a distinguished panel of VCs and Angels.  The panel chooses who they feel is the most promising startup.  The next event (and kickoff event) will feature Mitchell Kertzman, Managing Director of Hummer Winblad.  Tickets for the March 13th event can be found HERE.

TechCentralSF: Katherine Webster is the founder/ creator/ producer of TechCentralSF, which is an online & offline community based South of Market.  Instead of listing just one of the events she produces here,  I will link you to HER SITE, which lists all the important events you should consider attending.  Katherine’s list is much more comprehensive of course, and I suggest you sign up for her newsletter, which updates me on what events I need to pay attention to.   In addition to important events – TechCentralSF is a crowd-sourced directory of over 1,000 high-tech, biotech, and cleantech companies, AND check out “Places to Work” to find all the hottest co-working and incubator spaces where Katherine often hosts her events.

SFNewTech: This event, which I attend as much as possible, is the Bay Area’s largest and longest-running monthly technology event and networking mixer.  It is produced and MC’d by Myles Weissleder, with help from Matt Gonzales (the man in the picture above, on stage at SFNewTech last month).  VCs attend, startup companies attend, established companies attend, and you get two free tacos from the taco truck for showing up.  Format allows for presenting companies to show their site for 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.  It is usually held at the Mighty, which is a bar, so bring cash for beer, eat some free tacos, and meet some people you can collaborate with.  Next event is February 22nd, it is called “In The Cloud”, and you can GET TICKETS HERE.

JumpStartDays: JSD was started this past year by my good friend Max Shapiro from PeopleConnect, and his good friends Randy Williams and Sonja Markova from the Keiretsu Forum.  JumpStartDays is a mentoring program for seed stage pre-funded, pre-revenue technology startups.  Each month 10 entrepreneurs present to a panel of Keiretsu Forum angel members and seed stage VCs.  The purpose of the program is to provide mentoring and resources to entrepreneurs to jump start their company.  I attend to meet the startup companies of course, but also to meet and connect with the VCs, Angels, and Super-Angels who act as judges, or just visitors.  Next event is February 20th at RocketSpace in San Francisco from 5:30pm-8:30pm.  You CAN BUY TICKETS HERE.

Are there other events I should be attending?  Please let me know, you can reach me at @tomposerjll.  Full disclosure, I represent, sponsor, or support all of these events in some manner.  I like the people that  produce these events, I get benefit from attending them, and I want to support them whenever possible.


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