Phase Five!

Phase Five!

Well, in breaking news (in my small world), I am back in the business of representing landlords! As I transitioned from one company to my new company recently, I also decided to grow my business horizontally. I am diving back into the world of working with ownership groups to help them fill their beautiful properties, and to maximize value by helping to sell office buildings. I call this “Phase Five” of my career, and I am treating it with the intensity and re-invigoration that it deserves.

I am now officially helping two Marin based office properties lease and market incredible space, while pitching a third as we speak. The first one I want to tell you about is called Hamilton Landing, a former military base re-imagined as a unique high-ceiling office complex. 410,000 square feet of redeveloped hangar space, sitting right on the water in Novato.

It is stunning. Here are some pictures I took this week. I am so proud to be associated with this property.

Historic Hangers, Re-Imagined as Perfect Office Space
Hamilton Landing on the Left, Water and Wetlands on the Right
First Floor Lobby Space
The Original Control Tower Overseeing the Landing Strip
Incredible Beauty at Every Turn
Inside the Second Floor of a Tenant Space
The Breezeways
A Former Landing Strip, Given Back to Earth

Let me know if you are interested in learning more, and wish me luck in Phase Five!

Tom Poser/ 415–509–0596

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